Y-Linear Axis

For direct installation in machine tools, we offer our main spindles, crown turrets as well as our lathe turrets or special tool carriers in various sizes, also integrated in Y-axes.

We manufacture Y-axes with integrated lathe turrets for suppliers of horizontal flatbed lathes. Due to high indexing accuracies, the robust design and the very high drive power, they are very well suited in the industrial environment for maximum productivity when drilling, milling and turning. Our lathe turrets can be fitted with a combination of fixed and live tools and can also be used for reverse machining & heavy duty machining.

Lathe turret

  • Size / width across flats / tool holder for driven tool
    • 25 / 430mm / VDI 50, BMT 75
    • 32 / 530mm / VDI 60, BMT 85
  • with or without tool drive
  • 8/12 tool places, working position at 3 or 9 o'clock
  • Coupling of tool drive: Radial DIN 1809, Axial DIN 5480
  • radial tool arrangement also suitable for reverse machining
  • all common tool holders can be implemented, such as VDI, BMT or CDI
  • internal coolant supply to tool in working position


  • with linear measuring system: encoder on ball screw drive, other systems on request
  • travel of Y-Axis
    • ±125mm
    • ±170mm
  • Tilting of Y-slide < 0.01 mm reversing
  • hydraulic preload
  • hydraulic brake
  • buffered mechanical end stops
  • column interface can be customized to the machine tool
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