HELLMERICH lathe turrets are siutable for use in horizontal and vertical lathes.

The accessibility to the workpiece spindle in the machine is improved by systems with a pronounced axial offset of the tool disk from its drive.


Our disc turrets can be equipped with a combination of fixed and live tools and can also be used for reverse machining & heavy-duty machining.

Technical features

  • different sizes
  • different designs & variants

    • with or without axis offset

    • with or without tool drive

    • with 8 or 12 tool places

    • right or left installation position

    • with or without Y-axis

    • select from two working positions for driven tools depending on the installation position

  • All common tool interfaces can be realized, such as VDI, BMT or CDI

  • Suitable for heavy-duty machining

  • Lathe turret and housing can be customized to the machine tool

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