Tool change systems.
Space-saving and flexible.

HELLMERICH tool change systems enable you to optimize your cycle times. They are ideal for use in machining centers, rotary machine tables, transfer lines and transfer centers, as well as lathes and rotary milling machines.

Their compact design and short chip-to-chip times make these systems the most economical machining solution in many cases.

Disk turrets

Disk Turrets

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Kronenrevolver CTH25

Crown Turret Heads

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Disk Turrets with Axial Tool Holder

Hellmerich’s disk turrets are a great choice for, among other things, use in vertical lathes. The turrets are installed on a separate rotating axis, which makes them very productive and flexible during machining. Unlike with conventional disk turrets, these turrets make it possible to power all tools synchronously, or to combine fixed tools that are being powered synchronously.

Technical Characteristics

  • Designed for vertical installation in the machine tool
  • Six powered spindles for two different speed and torque ranges with HSK tool interface
  • Coromant Capto interface provides additional option for connection of fixed tools
  • Any spindle interface available on request, provided it is technically feasible
  • Vertical, upward, tool orientation
  • Also suitable for heavy machining

Hellmerich crown turret heads achieve impressively short chip-to-chip times of < 1.5 seconds. The high level of rigidity they achieve thanks to their short projection length and compact design mean you can expect precision from these crown turret heads.

The crown turret heads are available in 3 different technical designs and magazine capacities.

  • CTH 15: 6- or 8-positions: Space-saving and fast thanks to its compact design.
  • CTH 25: 6- oder 8-fach: Can be used universally. High-peformance even with limited installation space.
  • CTH 27: For heavy-duty metal cutting tasks. Impressive maximum robustness and top performance, particularly for milling applications.

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Technical Characteristics

  • HSK tool interface, or any spindle interface available on request, provided it is technically feasible
  • Optional axial and radial fine adjustment of any spindle position available
  • Suitable for any installation location
  • Standard cooling lubricant supply options aside, the tools also allow you to integrate a two-channel MMS system that you can calibrate.
  • Non-lifting, three-piece Hirth tooth system Different designs of drive are possible

Even Greater Flexibility with the Correct Accessories

Hellmerich’s crown turret heads can be supplemented with spindles and driven tools such as (for example) multi-spindle heads and cross-staff heads.

Superstructures such as pneumatic grinding spindles are also available, as are VDI Tool Holders for fixed tools.