Achieve Maximum Productivity When Drilling & Threading

Hellmerich’s multiple-spindle drilling and tapping heads combine productivity with precision. The multiple spindle drill heads resp. multiple spindle heads are designed with the specific workpieces in mind, and integrated into the machining unit.

To ensure cost-effectiveness, flexibility and top quality when responding to specific requirements, standardized function units from one modular system are connected.


  • Time saved thanks to simultaneous machining with up to 60 tools
  • Different machining can be carried out without needing to change the tools: Mill, drill, or tap heads with one unit
  • High level of precision achieved by fixed spindle arrangement tailored to the drilling pattern
  • Optional micro adjustment of spindles in the drilling head
  • Micro oil mist lubrication of gearboxes and spindle bearings when machining with tools that require higher speeds
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