cross feed-/quill-units

Cross feed units for ultra-precise lathing on stationary work pieces

Hellmerich’s cross-feed, spindle, and infeed units are used to machine front edges, outer contours, and chamfers without the need to change any tools.


  • hydraulic or motorized draw bar
  • Precise cross-feed design centered on axis
  • Option of multiple media feed to the tool
  • NC double cross-feed design is also possible


Quill Units for Special Purpose Machining and greater flexibility

Due to its quill design the machining spindles can make an axial linear movement. The spindle’s axial clearance of the headstock is usually automated. The quill axis can be used both as a positioning axis and as a feed axis.


  • High static and dynamic rigidity at the knitting point
  • Spindle and headstock thermal rigidity
  • Minimal axial and radial bearing backlash
  • Bearing points achieve high level of concentricity
  • oil-water coolant (OWC), minimum lubrication cooling (MQL) or dry machining option


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