Machining units suitable for any metal cutting task.

Hellmerich develops and manufactures special application machining units tailored perfectly to your machine concept and your part requirements. This means that our special purpose heads can be customized for any type of metal cutting.

Hellmerich angular boring head, angular milling head

Angular heads

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HELLMERICH Multiple-Spindle Head

Multiple spindle heads

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Hellmerich mill head

Mill heads

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Hellmerich fine machining unit

Heavy machining units

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Boring & Milling at Any Solid Angle

Hellmerich’s robust cross-staff heads enable you to reduce the number of machine axes involved and improve the part’s accessibility. The units can be manufactured for any solid angle, in any design.

Achieve Maximum Productivity When Drilling & Threading

Hellmerich’s multiple-spindle drilling and tapping heads combine productivity with precision. The multiple spindle drill heads resp. multiple spindle heads are designed with the specific workpieces in mind, and integrated into the machining unit.

To ensure cost-effectiveness, flexibility and top quality when responding to specific requirements, standardized function units from one modular system are connected.


  • Time saved thanks to simultaneous machining with up to 60 tools
  • Different machining can be carried out without needing to change the tools: Mill, drill, or tap heads with one unit
  • High level of precision achieved by fixed spindle arrangement tailored to the drilling pattern
  • Optional micro adjustment of spindles in the drilling head
  • Micro oil mist lubrication of gearboxes and spindle bearings when machining with tools that require higher speeds

Milling and Arbor Milling – e.g., for Crankshaft Housing Units

Hellmerich’s mill and arbor mill units are adapted to customers’ individual requirements and are available in every conceivable design. 

Different designs have already been created for various customer projects – e.g., with one milling tool, with multiple milling tools in a line on one robust shaft supported in multiple places, or with different tool geometries. Hellmerich’s arbor mill heads are used, for example, to machine crankshaft housing units.


  • More flexibility because gear drives are used rather than belt drives
  • Reduced backlash in tooth system on integrated gearbox components
  • Zero backlash special claw gear

For Machining Commercial Vehicle Components

When you are conducting heavy-duty metal cutting tasks as part of lathe and milling applications, machining units need to be highly durable, robust, and insusceptible to contamination.

That is why great care was taken to ensure maximum spindle rigidity when designing the mechanics and thermics of Hellmerich’s drive spindles. Their maintenance-free, air-tight seals ensure the units are hermetically sealed against contamination entering from the room in which you are using your machining unit.

Cross-feed unit

Cross-feed units

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Hellmerich spindle unit

Spindle Units

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Quill Units

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saw head

Sawing units

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For Ultra-Precise Lathing on Stationary Work Pieces

Hellmerich’s cross-feed, spindle, and infeed units are used to machine front edges, outer contours, and chamfers without the need to change any tools.

Fitting the spindle unit with a hydraulic or motorized draw bar makes it possible to conduct lathing work on the stationary work piece. To create complicated outer contours that are not possible with molding tools, you will need to use NC drive motors for the nc-actuated draw bar and the infeed slides.


  • Precise cross-feed design centered on axis
  • Option of multiple media feed to the tool
  • NC double cross-feed design is also possible

Robust Spindles Ensure Maximum Precision

Hellmerich spindle units are available in different designs, with either an oil-water coolant (OWC), minimum lubrication cooling (MQL) or dry machining option. The machining units are also available in a special design/quill version.

Benefits of Hellmerich spindles:

  • Spindle and headstock thermal rigidity
  • Minimal axial and radial bearing backlash
  • Bearing points achieve high level of concentricity

Quill Units for Special Purpose Machining and Greater Flexibility

Due to its quill design the machining spindles can make  an axial linear movement. The spindle’s axial clearance of the headstock is usually automated. The quill axis can be used both as a positioning axis and as a feed axis. Hellmerich quill units are available in different designs, with either a oil-water coolant (OWC), minimum lubrication cooling (MQL) or dry machining option.

Benefits of Hellmerich Quills

  • High static and dynamic rigidity at the knitting point
  • Spindle and headstock thermal rigidity
  • Minimal axial and radial bearing backlash
  • Bearing points achieve high level of concentricity

Custom-Made Sawing Units for Automatic Production Lines  

Hellmerich’s sawing units are a great choice for automatic production lines that are being used to create and package metal sections. They are typically used in the automatic cutting-to-size of aluminum extrusion profiles, integrated into a fully automated production line immediately after the section is created.  

Since very high torques have to be transferred from the drive motor to the saw blade at relatively low speeds usually, Hellmerich attaches great importance to ensuring that the spindle bearing is both high-quality and specifically designed for the application.