Tailor-made angled heads

HELLMERICH angled heads

Customized angle machining units (milling, drilling and thread cutting heads) for machine tools.

HELLMERICH develops and builds angular machining units (angular milling, drilling and tapping heads) for machine tools.

These types of angled heads are used if the regular spindle cannot geometrically reach the parts of the component being machined (e.g. crankshaft freewheel mechanism, starter flange). The units are suitable for highly precise drilling and milling operations and for tapping.

Thanks to the standard HSK 100 interface, the angled heads are easy to exchange in the machine spindle using the tool magazines. Basically, any machining angle can be produced; a multi-spindle arrangement is also possible. In the drilling and tapping heads, coolant is fed through the tool spindle.

The contour of the weight-reduced, high strength aluminum housing customized to the part being machined. An interface with a locking element and support is adapted to fit the machine manufacturers’ requirements.

Utmost precision

The angled heads are highly precise. The reduced gear play greatly reduces the vibrations of the tool, thereby increasing the quality of the surface finish on the work piece.